A-Frame House Plans

Search for Your Home Plan by Style

Whether we are talking about food, fashion or music, each person has his individual preferences. The same is true for when it comes to choosing a home. From Victorians to Cabin Plans, the styles vary a lot. So if you are searching for your home plan by style but not sure which one to choose, we’ve prepared for you this guide of different available styles. So now you can pick one that perfectly suits your personal architectural taste.

A-Frame House Plans

A-Frame House PlansThis design is a perfect choice for areas with heavy snowfalls. The roof shape helps the snow to slide down to the ground instead of accumulating on top of the house.

Acadian Style

Acadian StyleThis type of homes is built using native cypress wood, the advantage of which is that it does not get affected by moisture or insects. Generally, their construction stands on blocks that are built in order to protect the house from floods and summer heat.

Beach and Coastal Houses

Beach and Coastal Houses

Coastal houses need extra protection from potential flooding. That’s why they use wood or concrete piers for safer foundation. These houses also usually have lots high windows and doors for allowing more light into the rooms and opening great views of the sea. Also, they often feature vibrant colors which add more personality to the style.

Berm Plans

Berm PlansThis style is considered one of the most efficient types of homes. Three sides of the home are built tucked into ground, which provides a steady temperature from the ground.


BungalowsThese types of homes consist of one and a half stories. Most of the living space is usually located on the first floor. The roof has a low pitched design. The living room is most often located at the center of the house, creating family friendly space.

Cabins and Cottages

Cabins and CottagesThese are small dwellings that feature one or one and half stories. These homes are often used for weekend or summer getaways, so the design has a relaxed, casual feel.

Colonial Houses

This style has withstood the test of time and remained in demand over the years. Though simplistic in design, it usually features different luxuries that are in demand at the time.

Contemporary Houses

Contemporary houses usually feature an asymmetrical design, including uniquely shaped windows and unusual wall angles. The windows provide an abundance of light. This bold architectural design features open floor plans and minimal decorative elements.

Country Houses

This style is characterized by a welcoming front porch, symmetrical windows, and lots of space to enjoy the outdoors.


Farmhouses usually have a rectangular shape and a simple frame. The focus of the design is located at the wrap-around porch, which gives the people a relaxing place to sit back and enjoy the outdoors.

Georgian Houses

Georgian homes commonly use wooden exteriors. Though many also choose brick exteriors. The style also features classic symmetrical lines.

Log Cabins

Log cabins are built from timbers that give them a natural appearance. They can be handcrafted for creating a personal design.

Mediterranean Houses

Since they were originally built for regions with warm climate and abundant sunshine, they typically have open floor plans and quite high ceilings. Such a design of the floor plans helps to keep the interior space airy and cool.

Rustic Homes

The plan of theses houses is design with comfort and warmth in mind. Built with timber or stone siding, the style of the home blends with the surroundings.

Victorian Houses

Victorian houses are characterized by expansive bay windows, multiple rooflines and beautiful turrets. Other common features include wide verandas and grand towers.